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Complex trauma is potentially harmful because it impairs the individual’s ability to develop and maintain safe, healthy relationships. The events, emotions and sensations can reoccur in the form of flashbacks – as if they are happening right now.

Repeated exposure to unresolved trauma reactivates the body’s fight, flight and freeze stress responses that results in emotional distress, dissociation and toxic stress.

I am listening, tell me your story.



I can help you to create safety in a confidential space to share your story because building a healthy therapeutic bond  between client and therapist is an essential part of the process.

Complex PTSD is caused by recurring events that an individual has experienced as life-threatening. For instance, physical abuse, death of a parent, witnessing domestic violence, abandonment, natural disasters, war, community violence, medical issues, physical attack, childhood neglect, or involvement in relationship abuse that took place over a prolonged period.



I can help you to process difficult emotions. This requires a safe, confidential bond between client and therapist.

Working through trauma involves bringing the story into consciousness, self-expression through words and emotions, finding meaning, understanding how we’re affected by past experiences. Healing invokes integration of abandoned parts of self, neutralising negative emotions, learning to regulate strong emotions, introducing emotional safety and setting appropriate boundaries.



A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…

Healing from trauma is an emotional journey.

You can begin to prioritise yourself with healthy boundaries and move forward with mindful self-compassion. Reconnect with your mind and body, adopt healthy coping strategies that will help you to stay calm in your body, put the trauma to rest and prepare you with tools to move forward with your life.


Putting the pieces together, a bit at a time

Making Connections

Katie's Story - Recovery From Sexual Abuse

Katie had experienced many kinds of neglect and abuse during her life. This had resulted in her feeling worthless and hopeless.

During therapy sessions, she learned new coping strategies to manage her feelings and shape her future by working through the anxiety of agoraphobia.

Therapy has enabled Katie to get around independently and feeling confident about standing up for herself. She has made new friends and has taken on somewhat of a leadership role to support a few other like-minded women with similar experiences, whom she has got to know since moving on from therapy.

Follow her journey here…

Hayley's Story - Recovery From Abusive Relationship

Hayley had recently left an abusive intimate relationship. This resulted in her feeling anxious, helpless and frustrated.

Throughout the relationship, she let him off the hook on the pretext of his suffering mental health. This made the situation much worse. Hayley felt guilty and responsible for her ex-partner in many ways.

Therapy helped her to see the impact of her upbringing on her beliefs, values and choices. She can now enjoy future relationships because she understands the dynamics and has learned better ways to navigate intimate relationships with renewed confidence and awareness of safer boundaries.

Follow her journey here…

Sarah's Story - Recovery from Addiction

Sarah experienced multiple breakdowns and was in recovery from addiction to alcohol. Therapy provided the torch, that shone a light on all my dark inner places and held me in complete safety while I worked hard to transform myself.

“Counselling is a way out of and sometimes the only escape from a desperate situation. No matter how difficult, no matter how hopeless, without the right help, support, influence, it is very difficult for a vulnerable addict to fight the battle for change with and within their own mind. The poisonous mind is a powerful force to contend with by one’s self.”

Follow her journey here…

Changing beliefs, expectations and behaviours may not be as easy as it sounds!

Sometimes it is easier to just say ‘Yes’.

But saying ‘Yes’ leaves you feeling Frustrated, Angry and Resentful and uncomfortable because you’ve likely been misunderstood or not been heard.

What are the consequences of your behaviour on your relationship?

Are you the type of person who puts everyone else’s needs before your own?

Do you feel a twinge of guilt when you want to say ‘No’?

If this sounds like you, then you are not alone!

It is most likely you ‘suck it up’ and tolerate the discomfort in your relationship because maybe ‘that’s what everyone else does’ and ‘you don’t want to stand out’ or be different from others in your community, your family, your workplace.

Don’t be a doormat!

People pleasers avoid conflict in their relationships with others because they are afraid of being Rejected, Abandoned or disliked by others. They also fear standing up for themselves because they don’t want to feel the guilt and shame of being alone.


I can help you to be more confident in your relationships.


Positive Psychotherapy for Positive Results

Free discovery session

The most fulfilling relationships start with you.

If you are feeling stuck, trapped in negative and painful emotions that keep you feeling unfulfilled then you may be affected by complex PTSD.

If you are perpetuating bad feelings about yourself, then counselling provides relief and an opportunity to understand why you might be feeling this way.

You can learn how to take control of your feelings and emotions.


















You may have a duty of care for the well-being of your people.

Counselling improves a whole range of dysfunctional and addictive behaviours, reduces long term stress, anxiety and depression.

Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (c-PTSD) is caused by long term and repeated physical, sexual and emotional abuse. These events can occur in childhood or adulthood and affect an individual’s self-esteem, ability to form healthy intimate relationships, mental capacity and capability to be economically active, to remain in work and be successful in long term employment.

Emotional trauma can destabilise and demoralise a person’s beliefs about the future via loss of hope. Complex trauma can undermine expectations about life. For instance, fear that life will end abruptly, or early, or anticipation that normal life events won’t occur, can affect access to education, ability to have a significant and committed relationship and good opportunities for work.

Additionally, destructive, often unconscious behaviour patterns underpin alcoholism, drug addictions can be responsible for provoking physical violence and domestic abuse.

A referral for professional therapeutic and counselling support can help to

Facilitate Behaviour Change
• Improve Relationships
• Develop Coping skills
• Promote Decision Making
• Boost Potential
• Reduce long term stress, anxiety and depression.
• Improve a whole range of destructive, addictive behaviours.

Mignon Johnson

Hello! I’m Mignon.

I have been very effective in helping people to heal from complex trauma. The after-effects of long term adversity result in anxiety, depression and other mental health problems.

I have a person-centred approach and a strong belief in the power of the therapeutic relationship. This means that you are central to the counselling process.

Human beings are wired for belonging and connection. We fulfil this need through our interactions with others, and all our relationships are underpinned by a known set of attachment styles.

Adverse childhood experiences (ACE) can prevent us from forming healthy, stable attachments in adulthood. Neglect in childhood can disrupt the early stages of emotional development and cause long term symptoms.

Unresolved emotional issues arising from trauma can also have an adverse effect on relationships. Family dysfunction from alcohol abuse and other addictions can also lead to a host of emotional problems and dysfunctional behaviour in later life such as low self-esteem, eating disorders and can cause complex post-traumatic stress disorder (c-PTSD)


I have helped many people to recognise and step away from unhelpful behaviour patterns.

I can help you to understand and manage stress so that you can enjoy deeper more meaningful personal relationships.


Advanced Diploma in Integrative Counselling – Ironmill College, Exeter.

Bachelor of Art (Hons)
International Business Management (Computer Science, International Marketing, Project Management)

I am a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).


More than formal educational qualifications, some of which are irrelevant in the counselling context but nonetheless add to my wealth of life experience as a whole, I am successful in helping many people to overcome a range of emotional difficulties, some of which are rooted in the past and continue to cause post-traumatic stress in the present.

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