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Empowering you from within

Choosing a therapist is probably one of the most important decisions you will ever make.


When helping people is at the heart of what you do, you value your people’s wellbeing and understand the importance of offering additional services for your client’s emotional support. Collaboration with an empathic counsellor can help you achieve this, so that while you are busy working to enforce the law, prevent crime and civil disorder to ensure public safety, health and possessions of citizens, you are also working to improve the wellbeing of individuals in need of targeted emotional support.


“All the joy, what little remained, was wiped out of my memory. Dissociation, a type of amnesia which often accompanies childhood trauma is debilitating and harmful. After having my first child, life got a lot busier, I harboured an unfulfilled long term dream of going to university while my marriage got increasingly demanding. Before I knew it, chronic depression got a hold of me, even getting out of bed became difficult.

Depression became a comfortable way to self-soothe & anaesthetize my pain”


Mignon Johnson, MBACP Accredited.

You are more resilient than you think.

You have the capacity to adapt, adjust and recover quickly and easily from adversity, trauma, tragedy, threat or significant stress.
You have the capacity to recover from stressful and traumatic experiences when you can make the connection to join the dots between your past and present, you will learn that you can also break the patterns and enjoy new ways of being.



“I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become”. Carl Jung

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 I am a specialist trauma counsellor who is experienced with helping people to navigate chronic anxiety and depression after trauma.

Complex PTSD

When bad things happen to you in your childhood; physical, emotional and sexual abuse, family dysfunction and neglect in childhood, abuse in adult relationships and domestic violence, as a child you can only try and cope as best as you can on your own. Immature coping strategies that you might have adopted can turn into dysfunctional behaviours in your adulthood.

Domestic Abuse & Violence

Break free from the damaging effects of domestic abuse. You can move forward and start making something of your life. When you’re with an abusive partner, you lose your identity and all sense of who you are.

I enjoy helping people to blossom and come out of themselves in healthier ways, to be more self-confident. I know where they’re coming from because I have been there. I can see myself in the other women. 

Childhood Sexual Abuse

It takes tremendous courage and resilience to survive childhood sexual abuse. That you have survived so far indicates a valuable inner resource that has defended and protected you and will continue to give you strength in your recovery.

You can gain back control of your life and your healing. You can move from surviving to thriving and begin to live and more fulfilling and personally meaningful life.

Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

Some problems simply don’t improve and some are exacerbated the longer they are left. The more these unhelpful ways of thinking and behaving have been in practice, they get more deeply ingrained and this can cause further damage, not just to yourself, your relationships and other people around you. 

My Approach & Philosophy

,“Ultimately, you will discover that it is not you who is the healer. You may learn a particular modality, but it is ‘spirit’ that is doing the healing. The best healing is when the ego consciousness of the healer gets out of the way.”

I am an integrative counsellor with a leaning towards psychodynamic modalities. I draw upon person-centred and CBT modalities when I feel it is within the client’s best interest. The client process is central to my therapeutic work which is driven more by individual client relationships than theory. This means, I work with current issues that the client brings in the moment and respond with empathy, grace and compassion.

I believe that the core conditions of empathy, UPR and congruence are very relevant to my client work. Additionally, my personal experience of psychodynamic and person-centred modalities as a client, informs my practice. Both forms of therapy have helped me to explore the past and explain how early family dynamics have informed my self concept and life choices. Experiential depth of my personal therapy has given me considerable insight into the impact of my early childhood trauma that now informs my counselling work. These days, my work is client led and self awareness helps me to practice deep empathic listening, to attune to the inner valuing process of my clients, not just by listening to their story but also tuning into the unspoken expressions, by observing visual and auditory cues, responding to counter transference and investigating incongruence.

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